I think we were all a little impressed and surprise last week when Motorola announced in rapid succession that the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile variants of the Moto X were all getting Android 4.4 immediately. They even beat Google's own GPE devices to an OTA. That's kind of incredible.


The fact that Motorola is now Google-owned probably had just a little bit (OK, a lot) to do with this, but the company's renewed attitude toward Android updates is something enthusiasts have been begging for in an OEM for years now. A lot of people resort to custom ROMs not only for their features, but because the manufacturer of their respective phone can often take months after the announcement of a new version of Android to update even flagship hardware. And really, who likes to wait for new stuff?

Motorola's absolutely blown the doors off whatever the previous record for an OS update to a non-Nexus device on a US carrier. Heck, I'm pretty sure they even beat the large majority of Nexus devices that were on carriers.

Anyway, Motorola's definitely taking care of owners of its new tier-one device, the Moto X, in terms of software support. It's getting more developer-friendly, too. Does that make you more likely to consider them for your next phone (this is assuming, hypothetically, their phone would be available in your country)?

Will Motorola's rapid updates to Android 4.4 make you consider them more for your next phone purchase?

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