When it comes to cable, there's a lot not to like. The monthly bill continues to go up, and no matter how many channels you add, there's still never anything good on to watch. This somehow manages to be the case even while many shows are still exclusively available on cable. Yet as frustrating as the major providers may be, there is one trend that I can readily get behind, and that's the addition of Android apps meant to supplement their traditional service. Cox Communications has added another offering into the mix, Cox Contour, which provides access to over 100 channels and on-demand content.

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This isn't Cox's first Android app to support streaming content, but this opens up access to significantly more channels than Cox TV Connect provides. Unlike that alternative, though, Contour only works on a select few Android tablets. Both require you to be on your home WiFi connection to have any access at all.

  • Choose from over 100 popular TV channels plus thousands of On Demand choices to watch anywhere in your house
  • Access TV network apps and watch anywhere
  • Includes personal show recommendations for up to 7 users
  • Remotely schedule recordings on your DVR
  • Share what you watch with your Facebook friends
  • Easily view and sort TV listings for all channels
  • Closed Captioning, Helpful FAQs and trouble shooting steps
  • Yours to enjoy for free as a bundle subscriber to Cox TV Essential, Advanced TV, or Contour TV service and Cox Preferred, Premier or Ultimate Internet service.

The app is available for free to subscribers who have bundled Cox Essential, Advanced, or Contour TV with the company's Preferred, Premier, or Ultimate Internet service. You will need a Cox User ID and password in order to sign in. Get started by grabbing the app from the Play Store below.

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