The Slice Android app scans your email account for receipts and package tracking information, then consolidates what it gathers into a single convenient location. It's a great option for people who want to keep tabs on where all their orders are, as it's a much more feature-rich and comprehensive solution than that offered by Google Now. The latest version of the app, version 4.0, introduces support for tablets. Now you won't have to drain your phone's battery down obsessively tracking the location of your most recent splurge.

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The larger interface shows more information at once than the smartphone version. Orders are arranged into grids of large thumbnails, and clicking one brings up a large map revealing the item's current location. The app will pop up notifications once a package has shipped, inform you if the price of an item you recently purchased has dropped and you're eligible for a partial refund, and give you a heads up when a product has been recalled.

Slice is the kind of app you probably won't open on a daily basis, but it will be your best friend when you're waiting for that must-have package to arrive. Just don't blame it when the map hasn't changed in four days - there's a solid chance that isn't a glitch.

Slice: Package Tracker
Slice: Package Tracker
Developer: Slice
Price: Free

Source: Slice