Sure, you could have stickmen run around stabbing each other on your homescreen or even watch as pixelated space ships blast one another out of the sky, but do you know what's more awesome than both options? Dragons. Nothing instills fear into the hearts of child and man alike like those abominable winged reptiles, and now Dragon Strike Live Wallpaper is available in the Play Store so that you can regularly see these majestic beasts in all their fire-breathing glory.

Dragon3 Dragon5


Dragon Strike Live Wallpaper is epic. So much so, that when you first set the wallpaper, you can hear the drums of war beating from your speakers. Dragons swoop across the sky, roaring and spewing fire. Double-tapping on the animation bumps you out to the settings menu, where you can change or disable the background music and the sound effects. From there, you can even enable a dragon so powerful that its presence may just intimidate weaker devices.

Dragon1 Dragon2

The animation is smooth, but there is no option to make the wallpaper scroll between homescreens. A paid version is available for 99 cents that enables more customizations, but the free version lacks ads and is pretty impressive enough all its own.