KitKat is tasty, for sure, but it's not the only Android flavor that gets users excited. Many users are still waiting for the latest version of Jelly Bean to arrive on their devices. Considering just how many Galaxy SIIIs Samsung managed to sell, that's a good number of customers who will be happy to know that their wait for Android 4.3 will soon come to an end. If you have a Galaxy S III running on T-Mobile, an Android 4.3 update may now be available for you to install.

This update brings in support for both the Galaxy Gear and Samsung KNOX. The thing is, this release is only going out to the T999, the original non-LTE version of the handset. The LTE version, the T999L, is expected to come out in several days.


The update is available both as an OTA and a manual install using Kies. It's 486MB altogether, so make sure you have a stable connection before getting started.

Source: T-Mobile

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