If you're noticing some fishy battery behavior today, and it looks like Google Play Services is the culprit, you aren't alone. Throughout the day, users have been reporting extraordinary battery use by the usually innocuous services app, accounting for up to 50% of battery usage. It would seem that, for reasons unknown, Play Services is keeping users' devices awake for incredible lengths of time. Some users report that location is disabled on their devices, ruling that out as a suspect for the increased battery drain. Others simply ask "why?"

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Image: Thomas Gatt, Vidit Parab, Luan Baruti, Maximilian Enck

Some have suggested stopping the app and clearing data, but this is likely only a temporary fix, if that. It's almost certain that the issue is somewhere on Google's side, and we can only hope that it is resolved soon and that our devices' battery stats are returned to normal.

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