The Humble Bundle folks are at it again – offering up excellent games and supporting charity at the same time. This time it's the Humble Mobile Bundle 3, and that means six – yes six – Android games are on sale, and there are two big debuts. You get to name your own price with the Humble Bundle, but you have to pay above the average to unlock two of them.

Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo are brand new arrivals on Android, and they both made a big splash on iOS. Ridiculous Fishing lives up to its name – you snag a bunch of fish with your line, then fling them upward and blast them with a shotgun. Yes, that does sound ridiculous. Swordigo is a bit more conventional, but still highly regarded on iOS. This one is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash adventure game. The rest of the games from this bundle are already on Android, but it's a strong group. There's Kingdom Rush, Epoch, rymdkapsel, and SpellTower. We've got the trailers for these embedded down at the bottom.

You can pay any amount and get all the games except Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush. Pay more than the average to get those, plus you'll secure access to additional games that will be announced next week. The longer you wait, the higher the average tends to creep, so you might as well get going if you want to save money. Although, this is charity – don't be stingy.

[Humble Mobile Bundle 3]