In a series of tweets earlier, HTC offered some insight into the status of updates coming to the DNA and One, hopefully giving some comfort to owners of the respective devices, though updates can never come soon enough for many.

First, HTC addressed concerns over the update to 4.3 for One owners on Verizon, indicating that getting the update cleared with good old VZW would be "a two step process," involving an update for compatibility, and the actual 4.3 update in December.

The above was quickly followed with a clarification that the update's delay would not put the One's 4.4 KitKat update off track - HTC assured gentle tweeters that the update would still be delivered by the end of January 2014.

Finally, HTC responded to an anxious DNA owner who found the lack of update to 4.4 so disconcerting that switching "to Sony Xperia" was a definite consideration. HTC assured the tweeter that the update to 4.4 would be coming "by the end of Q1, pending certification from your carrier."

Regardless of which device you're currently pressing the "check for updates" button on, it's nice to see community engagement from HTC, and some clarity on the manufacturer's current update game plan.

Source: HTC on Twitter