While the Nexus 5 launched nearly three weeks ago in some parts of the world, as we all know, the Google Play Store doesn't exactly ship to every corner of the globe. Today, we're getting a little closer to that goal, though, as India and Hong Kong can now purchase the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) direct from Google, as confirmed by the Nexus page on Google+.


Starting with Hong Kong (Play Store pictured above), pricing for the Nexus 5 is HK$3,198 for the 16GB version, and HK$3,588 for the 32GB variant. The 2013 Nexus 7 will run HK$2,398 at the 16GB level, HK$2,798 for 32GB, and HK$3,598 if you desire the 32GB LTE mobile data model. Devices will begin shipping today.

In the Indian Play Store (shown below), prices are as follows. For the Nexus 5: Rs. 28,999 for 16GB, Rs. 32,999 for 32GB. For the 2013 Nexus 7, it is: Rs. 20,999 for 16GB, Rs. 23,999 for 32GB, and Rs. 27,999 for 32GB with LTE support. All devices will begin shipping today, as with the Hong Kong Play Store, but some have already had their estimated ship dates pushed back as orders pile up.


Why no Nexus 10? Well, we know Google's working on a successor to the device, so it'd probably be a bit of a waste to start selling it only to stop a few weeks or months later. After all, the Nexus 5 and 7 (2013) really are the hot devices to have at the moment. Accessories are listed as coming soon, for the most part, though at the time of this writing Nexus 5 bumper cases in red and gray colors were available on the Indian Play Store.

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On the Hong Kong Play Store, only the gray Nexus 5 bumper case is showing as available presently, though both the white and black LG QuickCovers are up for purchase, as well as all colors of the Nexus 7 sleeve. If you're in India or Hong Kong, get to the Play Store quick - there's no telling how fast shipping wait times will grow as news of availability of these devices spreads.