Dropbox's Android client received an update today, adding a few new features to the file-sharing service's mobile software, as well as introducing a new, cleaner (inverted?) logo.


Left: old logo; right: new logo

The newest version of Dropbox now supports direct sharing of files to all of your contacts via email from inside the app, via the newly-added contacts permission. Just choose the share action on a file, hit "send to contact," enter the appropriate info, and Dropbox will send the share link to them immediately. Neat! There's also a notification history area (see left screenshot) that shows you recent, or not-so-recent, activity in your Dropbox, which is certainly handy if you regularly receive new shares - you can easily lose track of them.

Screenshot_2013-11-19-13-50-55 Screenshot_2013-11-19-13-51-12 Screenshot_2013-11-19-13-51-30

And If you want to upgrade your Dropbox account, it's now easier than ever to allow the app to shut up and take your money, as all you have to do is take a quick snapshot of your credit card, at which point the information for payment will be auto-filled. Dropbox duly notes that this adds the camera permission to the app, should such a change have made you suspicious.

Head over to the Play Store to download the update to version 2.3.11 now.