You may have noticed a bit of a frenzy in the world of gaming consoles in the last week or so. Not one to be left behind, OUYA is taking the opportunity to remind everyone that the Android-powered console exists, and can be had for less than the price of a car payment. To that end a limited edition version of OUYA was just posted to the online store in a fetching white case, with matching controller.


But in hardware as in life, it's what's on the inside that counts. The limited edition console is an extra thirty dollars over the $99 retail price, which in and of itself is pretty typical. But OUYA has also boosted the storage of the white console to a full 16GB. True, that's hardly capacious when it comes to modern Android games, but every little bit helps, and a $30 price bump to double the storage is more than reasonable. The rest of the Tegra 3-based hardware (including the upcoming ability to boost storage via a standard USB port) is unchanged.

The white OUYA, which I'm christening OUYA Dick, is marked as shipping from the OUYA store. (It may not actually be shipping out right this minute - the homepage mentions it as a pre-order. Orders placed before December 8th should come in time for Christmas.) There's no official word on just how "limited" this edition is, so you might want to get an order in quickly if you want one, especially with US holidays right around the corner.

Source: OUYA Store via Engadget