It's finally here, folks: the most-anticipated agrarian simulation game of the year is now available on the Google Play Store. If you wile away the lonely Kansas nights with the latest Tractor Supply Company catalogs, if you've ever found yourself checking out a ball hitch on eBay, if the words "crop rotation" get you hot and bothered, then this is your game.

"Tired of farming alone?" asks the Farming Simulator 2014 trailer, as if it didn't already know. Yes indeed, FS now includes a multiplayer mode, for the couple that doesn't mess around when it comes to sewing seeds. Unfortunately it's local only (WiFi or Bluetooth), so you California grape tycoons can't get it on with your Nebraska corn-huskin' honeys, but you can play all you want with like-minded folk in about a 30-foot radius. If no one's around to help you, you can hire AI assistants to help get the job done. Don't worry. Farming Simulator knows what you need, and it will never judge you.

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Pictured: hot.

The graphics and interface are much improved - you can never get too much fidelity on your amber waves of grain, after all - and a dynamic market will fluctuate depending on what crops you harvest and sell. Thanks to an accurate day-night cycle, you can make hay even after the sun stops shining. And with more than double the number of vehicles and implements from the previous edition, from manufacturers like Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Kuhn, Amazone and Krone (ooooooh yeah, baby: Krone) it'll never get boring in the cabin.

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Farming Simulator 2014 is $2.99 and works on Android devices running 2.3.3 or higher.

Farming Simulator 14
Farming Simulator 14
Developer: GIANTS Software
Price: Free+