For serious web addicts, sometimes Chrome just doesn't do it. Dolphin is one of the more popular and, more importantly, more consistent browsers available on the Play Store. But some Nexus 5 owners weren't happy to see that their favorite alternate browser had a killer KitKat bug: it couldn't zoom in with the standard pinching gesture. After a bit of time in beta, the fix has now been applied to the stable build in version 10.1.2.

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But wait, there is indeed more. Long-time Dolphin Browser users will be happy to hear that the "night mode" feature is back, courtesy of this official browser plugin app. Install the extra app, tap it from the right-side swipe menu, and your screen will be considerably darkened, to the pleasure of wide-eyed significant others everywhere. Users also have the option of setting a master password, further securing Dolphin's saved passwords with one more layer of security. Strangely, the developers have removed the password sync feature.

Other smaller changes include a faster launch time, adjustments to the skin interface, fixes for location and SD card bugs, and adjustments to the one-handed Key control UI. As always Dolphin Browser is free, and it's compatible with all Android devices running 2.0.1 or later. 

What's New
  • SPEED UP Launch Performance
  • Night Mode is BACK! (It is an add-on "Night mode for Dolphin Browser")
  • New: Change SKIN to make Dolphin your own
  • New: Master Password. Allows you to have a more secured option to save passwords
  • Fix the pinch zoom compatibility issue on Android 4.4 kitkat
  • Fix Downloads to external SDCard
  • Fix some bugs related to localization
  • Optimize the user experience of Dolphin Key
  • Removed Sync Passwords feature