HTC hasn't been sitting on its hands lately. The company announced when KitKat was unveiled that all HTC One variants in the US would receive the latest version within 90 days. In the case of the Google Play Edition, the update would come in just 15. Here we are at day 15, and HTC has publically stated that KitKat's arrival time is entirely in Google's hands now. According to a tweet sent out earlier today, everything is done on their end.

We don't know when the update will start rolling out, but assuming it comes out in a matter of days, that means the Google Play Edition HTC One will have received the latest version of Android not too far behind the Nexus 4. For a non-Nexus device, that's not bad at all. Anyone who nervously bought an HTC One from the Play Store wondering if they would actually receive speedy updates can breathe a little easier. And at this rate, it looks like a pretty solid bet that owners of the Sense version will see KitKat before February.

Source: Twitter