Google Now's website has received a slick new redesign, and it's quite a looker. The landing page is now rich with animations and background video, providing an experience so immersive that if you haven't already tried Google Now, or even if you've just been taking a break, you might want to go fire it back up. The page offers a great primer for anyone who isn't already aware of what Google's portable personal assistant is capable of.


Perhaps more interestingly for current Google Now users, the site provides examples of the many available card types. Considering the service generally just keeps me up to the date on the weather, my web browsing habits, and how to drive back home, this is a nice reminder that it's capable of so much more. You can even click on each card for a brief description.

Now2 Now3


If you're already up to date on all that Google Now offers, don't expect much in the way of new information here. Just tuck the bookmark away for the next time someone asks you what Google's quirky little app is all about. It will get them up and running, even if they don't use Android.

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