The Moto X is one of those rare devices that skips the spec war in favor of a more elegant approach. This device has interesting voice and notification features most other devices can't touch. If you're a Verizon customer with a hankering for active notifications and touchless control, today is your lucky day. You can grab a Moto X on Big Red for zero dollars with a new contract.

2013-11-15 00_34_24-Moto X

Verizon has temporarily lowered the Moto X from $100 to $50, but only until November 18th. So you're down to $50, but that's a long way from free. Add the coupon code vzwdeal to your online order, and they shave another $50 off.


This deal is only valid on regular black or white devices ordered from Verizon's site. So no in-store purchases and no Moto Maker deals. Now's your time, so don't procrastinate.

[Verizon Moto X – Thanks, Lindsay]