We're all spending a lot on mobile data, but are we getting our money's worth? That's the question the FCC hopes to help answer with the new FCC Speed Test app. It's exclusive to Android right now and provides you (and the FCC) with data on mobile network performance.

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Unlike most speed testing apps, this is not just a run-on-demand service. You can trigger a test whenever you want, but the app is configured to run occasional tests in the background to get a picture of your network speeds over time. It's set to only consume a maximum of 100MB per month with automated tests, not including any additional ones you might initiate.

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The app tracks upload and download speeds, of course, but also latency, packet loss, cell tower ID, signal strength, and more. You also get some neat result filtering and graphs to check out. The FCC Speed Test app is free and it is (surprisingly) not horrendously ugly – a rare win for government bureaucracy.

FCC Speed Test
FCC Speed Test
Developer: FCCAPPs
Price: Free