Besides fixing Google Experience Launcher on tablets and adding some new cards, the new Google Search update has another trick up its sleeve - it will now hold a conversation with you to perform certain functions, and talks to you in a new way.

Basically, you can now start with very general voice commands like "send a message." The microphone will then turn into a white speaker on a blue circle, indicating that Search is responding to you. It will ask "Who do you want to send the message to?" Then it's your turn. Say a name, and Search will ask what the message should say. When you're all done, it will show you the message and ask if it should send. Say yes and you're set.


Screenshot_2013-11-13-22-23-41 Screenshot_2013-11-13-22-24-09 Screenshot_2013-11-13-22-24-19 Screenshot_2013-11-13-22-24-25

Search will also talk back to you when placing a call to someone with multiple numbers. Just tell it to call someone, and it will ask "Mobile" or "Home," as the case may be.


It's unclear if the new paradigm works for other commands, but it works like a charm for placing calls and sending messages or emails. If the update hasn't hit your device yet, just head over to our initial coverage for the download.

via Ars Technica