If building blocks are still the first things to come to mind when you hear the word "LEGO", it might just be a sign of your age. LEGO video games have been hitting the market for over a decade now, and they've been good enough to appeal to kids and adults alike. Of course, if the brand has spawned games, it's also inspired television shows and movies. The latest LEGO app to enter the Play Store provides direct access to the official LEGO YouTube Channel and select downloadable movies, so you, or your kid, can stream and download LEGO content all day long.

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LEGO TV is filled with such goodies as the Chima, Ninjago, Friends, and Hero Factory shows along with animations based on such universally known brands as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and the DC/Marvel universes. Much of the content consists of clips and trailers, but there are longer movies up for download as well. So if you're ready for a laugh, hit the widget below.

Developer: LEGO System A/S
Price: Free