Google's long, slow journey towards bringing Play Store media to all corners of the globe has advanced another step today: the Movies section has opened up to Android and web users in Italy. Italian readers can check the Play Store on their phone, tablet, or PC to see what's available for rent or purchase. At present it looks like most of the major American studios are on board for the new territory.


With the addition of movies, Italy has access to three out of five of the Play Store's media formats (not counting paid Android apps), with Magazines and TV Shows still unavailable to Italian Android users. Movies is one of the more under-represented sections of Google Play, with only 14 countries included on Google's list (and only three with access to TV).


Italian readers, please keep in mind that the selection of movies in the store and their prices are based on agreements with the studios and international distributors - you may not be able to watch all the movies available in other countries or on other content platforms.

Source: Google Play Support