Butterscotch Shenanigans makes some pretty neat games with tight gameplay and alarmingly hilarious graphics. The great art is the work of one half of Butterscotch, Sam Coster. The guys at Butterscotch posted some not great news today, the gist of which is that Sam has a bit of the cancer. They pinged us to say it was cool to tell you all about this for one very important reason – things are going to slow down a bit with regard to game development, so they're doing the community a solid by making Towelfight 2 free-to-play.

Towelfight 2 is an action-RPG with a lot of crazy stuff going on. I'm talking magical monocles, laser bees, and a veritable flock of other animals to help you along your way. This is a well-balanced game that's a blast to play, but there are optional in-app purchases if you want more stuff. This essentially adopts the model from one of Butterscotch's other projects, Quadropus Rampage. The devs suspect the $0.99 price tag kept many people from trying Towelfight 2, but now you can dive into this bizarre fever dream for free.

As for Sam, the tone of the Butterscotch blog post (which you ought to read) is pretty upbeat. His chances are good, but he's got a rough couple months ahead as he goes toe-to-toe with lymphoma. We at AP are certainly pulling for him, as I'm sure everyone reading is. These guys are awesome, so if you want to spend money on a game... you know... you could spend it on Towelfight 2. It's a good time for the community to show our support.

Towelfight 2
Towelfight 2
Price: Free+

[Butterscotch Shenanigans]