The biggest user-facing change in Android 4.4 KitKat is, without a doubt, the launcher. The new launcher experience provides deeper Google Now integration (it's literally the leftmost homescreen), beautiful transparent navigation buttons and notification bar, always-on Google Now listening, and a much cleaner app drawer. For now, though, this launcher will remain a Nexus 5 exclusive - Google wants to see what the reaction is before expanding this 'Google experience' to other devices or the Play Store-using public.


Personally, I'm really liking the new launcher. It makes Google Now much more accessible, and I'm definitely using it a lot more than I was before. The aesthetic changes are obviously a matter of personal taste, but I'm a big fan of the larger icons and transparent nav buttons / notification bar, too. I used custom launchers extensively in the past, but I find most of the features they offer don't really excite me anymore - I'm not that concerned with fine-tuning the launcher experience on my phone these days. So, if you have a Nexus 5, what are you using? I've decided not to provide options for individual third party launchers, as there are just so many. Instead, I suggest you head down to the comments and find a response for your choice of launcher, or if it's not there, leave one for others to vote up.

Are you using the stock (aka 'Google Experience') launcher on your Nexus 5?

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