Since the ye olde days of wired-syncing on Blackberry, I've loved calendar apps. It's the app I use most on my phone, and so I'm always curious to try out new ones. SolCalendar looks especially lovely, so I gave it a trial run.


Setup was a breeze. It has on-screen instructions and immediately synced with my Google calendar without me having to log in or anything. Interestingly enough, it found a calendar to sync that I don't actually have (Nike Calendar?), but whatever. All my real calendars in Google showed up too.

Screenshot_2013-11-10-11-22-57 - Copy Screenshot_2013-11-10-11-23-06 - Copy Screenshot_2013-11-10-11-24-50

When opening the calendar, the default view is the monthly display. But you have the option of Day or Agenda, as well. What is sorely lacking is a weekly format. That's my favorite view in the stock Android calendar, but if you don't use weekly, then you'll be fine with these options.

Screenshot_2013-11-10-14-59-39 Screenshot_2013-11-10-15-55-42 Screenshot_2013-11-10-15-55-03

How Is It Different?

The two areas that make this calendar app different from others in the category are the widgets and the stickers. Yes, I said stickers. Stay with me. There are 10 different widgets (notice the misspelling- that may drive you nuts). When you select a widget, you have four themes to choose from, as well as a level of transparency for the widget.

Screenshot_2013-11-10-12-29-12 Screenshot_2013-11-10-16-00-18 Screenshot_2013-11-10-16-02-12

The widgets are fun, and you can choose cute or simply elegant. But the stickers are definitely all cute. When you create an event, you can choose to add a sticker. There are many to choose from. So, the 3rd grader in you will have a ball. If you don't remember the 3rd grader in you, then skip it.

Screenshot_2013-11-10-16-05-12 Screenshot_2013-11-10-14-25-00 Screenshot_2013-11-10-14-23-17

Other Features

There are a few other handy functions that the stock Android calendar doesn't have. In the month view, you can click on a day and the day opens up right below it, without opening up another screen. Then you can long press on an event and a little pop up opens for you to take action immediately, rather than waiting to open the event. It reminds me of Floating Toucher or Pen Window on the Note 3. If you decide to open the event, you can choose to share it from there, if you desire. I don't make a habit of sending people events on my calendar, but maybe you do. The final feature to mention is the weather. You can see the weather in several places. It shows on some of the widgets and on the main calendar, when you choose to switch from day to month or agenda, it sits right there on the screen. SolCalendar mentions this as a big feature on their Google Play page, but frankly, most people already use one of the millions of weather apps on their home screen, so I'm not sure it's a huge selling point. But, it sure looks lovely.

Screenshot_2013-11-10-14-58-29 Screenshot_2013-11-10-16-18-20 Screenshot_2013-11-10-16-31-45


If you like a lot of colors, particularly pastel colors and playful stickers, then what are you waiting for? Download it now. It will be catnip to you. I love pretty colors, but honestly, I go for more bold colors, like the primary colors in the stock Android calendar. But there are some pretty cool functions in this calendar too, so I'm going to continue exploring it.

SolCalendar - Calendar / To do
SolCalendar - Calendar / To do