The Nexus 5 is a ground-breaking device. For Android fans, this is the first high-end handset that customers can buy unsubsidized and activate on all but one of the major American carriers. This isn't a big deal with AT&T and T-Mobile, as Nexus 4 buyers could already use their networks last year, but the addition of Sprint is reason to take notice. If they can do it, it stands to reason that so could Verizon. Unfortunately, we don't live in a carrier agnostic utopia just yet. The Sprint Nexus 5 is now available on Amazon, and while it's cheaper to upgrade an existing line here than on the carrier's website, the phone costs a ridiculous $499.99 without a service plan.

Update: Amazon dropped the off-contract price to $449.99.


This off-contract price is $50 more than what Sprint charges, and since this is the 16GB model we're talking about, it comes out to $150 more than what you would pay for the same phone on Google Play. Since it's possible to activate the latter version on the Sprint network, there is zero reason to hand over that much extra money. Seriously. Don't.

But if you're looking to save money upfront with either a new or existing line, Amazon will let you walk away with a Sprint Nexus 5 for only $49. As far as subsidized phones go, that's not bad at all.

Sprint Nexus 5 on Amazon

Thanks, Justin L.