The SwiftKey team just rolled out a massive update to their popular Android keyboard, introducing various layouts suitable for a wide range of screen sizes. Now they're moving on to tackle other long-awaited, user-requested features. Two responses on the app's idea suggestion page show that the developers are currently working on adding support for emojis and the ability to enable a dedicated number row.


Neither of these features are particularly groundbreaking in the grand scheme of things, but that is precisely what makes the demand for them so strong. Only with the release of KitKat has the stock Android keyboard finally picked up support for full-color emoji, but it still lacks the ability to enable a dedicated number row. This is a choice that remains limited to only a handful of keyboards, though considering that one of them is the one Samsung ships on its Galaxy smartphones, a good number of Android users have already come to take this functionality for granted. Hopefully it won't be long before SwiftKey fans can as well.

Source: SwiftKey

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