Bulkypix's last game was a first-person shooter featuring zombies running amok on a spaceship. It wasn't the most original premise out there, but at least it was somewhat of a visual treat. Yet if that offering was just too mindless for your tastes, the team is at it again with Meltdown, a top-down shooter with a tad more creativity, much more charm, and even a semblance of depth.


Meltdown2 Meltdown3 Meltdown4

In Meltdown, players assume the role of a red headband-wearing blondie clad in bulky blue armor. This does little to dispel the initial first impression that the game will contain little more than top-down, gun-toting, robot-slaying goodness, but your very first steps will reveal otherwise. Players guide our hero around using intuitive point-and-click controls. He will automatically duck behind nearby cover, vault over it when necessary, and open fire on any enemies within range. There are optional virtual controls available for anyone looking for something more traditional, but that may just remove much of the charm.


The game contains randomly generated levels, upgradeable weapons, and three classes to choose from - soldier, engineer, medic. Once you're ready, you can hop online to team up with up to three other players. The game is available for free, and there isn't an ad in sight. If there are IAPs, they're not immediately obvious, so don't let that possibility sway you from hitting up the widget below.

Developer: Phenomenon Games
Price: Free+