The latest Google Glass update is on its way, and thanks to its new features, so are you. With version XE11, Glass wearers can now tell their most expensive pair of glasses where they live and work. After that, commuting becomes as simple as saying "Ok glass, get directions to work." In addition to that, Glass now functions even more like a personal secretary. Saying "Ok glass, google my agenda" pulls up a list of upcoming calendar appointments. This is precisely the kind of Googley time-saving convenience Android users have come to expect.

Glass5 Glass1

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The latest release comes with a simplified setup experience. A new tutorial is available that guides new users through their first time using the device and shows them how to connect Glass to their phone. Speaking of pairing, anyone who has done so can now start a screencast from their notification drawer. This will take what Glass sees and mirror it onto your phone's display.

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Lastly, the ability to perform a Google search by long pressing on the touchpad has been removed. To reduce accidental activations, Glass now requires users to tap three times slowly while the display is off.

XE11 is arriving just in time to greet the wave of new explorers who are about to get their first pair of Glass, but current wearers are sure to enjoy the latest features, and anyone who wants to experience the new tutorial can simply factory reset their device to experience it for themselves.

Source: Google, Google+