There are a lot of Bluetooth keyboards aimed at Android tablets, but ASUS' Transformer series of tablets and docks has long been a favorite of those who prefer a full laptop-style form factor. ASUS is trying to bring that same experience (or at least part of it) to a broader range of devices with the TransKeyboard, revealed on the company's YouTube channel late last night.

The TransKeyboard is pretty similar to other mobile keyboards - it's relatively compact and interoperable with Android smartphones/tablets and PCs. It also includes a rechargeable battery that connects via a standard MicroUSB port, which should be handy for travelers who are weary of multiple plugs. The most interesting part is the integrated cover, which bears a resemblance to the ASUS Origami cover for the Transformer Prime. It folds out and up into a prop stand for your phone or tablet, snapping into place with magnets. It's an impressively integrated design that should serve to protect the keys in a bag or case.

As of now the video above is ASUS' only promotional material on the TransKeyboard; there's no mention of a price or release date and it hasn't shown up on the online store. I would have liked to have seen a touchpad and maybe a secondary battery feature, both of which are included in the Transformer docks. Even so, It will be interesting to see how this model stacks up against products from Logitech and other accessory makers.

Source: ASUS YouTube