You might have missed it in the tidal wave of news when the Nexus 5 was released, but Google also posted two new colors of the Nexus 7 zip case in the storefront. They were both listed as 'coming soon,' but now they're live.

2013-11-06 13_20_31-Nexus 7 Sleeve (Bright Yellow) - Devices on Google Play

The official zip case can now be had in gray, yellow, or black. Note that the gray case is listed as gray/white because the interior is white. All three cost the same $29.99 plus shipping and tax. The black version of the case was made available not long after the tablet was released over the summer.

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That's expensive for a case, and they don't look particularly fabulous – a little bland, actually. Still, this is the official accessory, and you like official things, right?

[Nexus 7 case: Grey/White, Bright Yellow)