We're not the first to observe this: plug an Android tablet into a charge (or even better, a wireless charger or dock) and it becomes a pretty splendid digital photo frame, like the one you gave your Grandma three Christmases ago that's still in the box. Cloud.TV, the developer behind the excellent HD Widgets, would like to offer you a more powerful alternative. Meet Dayframe, a connected and continuously-updating photo frame app.


The idea behind Dayframe is admirably simple: it gathers photos from some well-liked public streams on Flickr, Instagram, 500px, and others, plus your own social media and local photos, and displays them in a simple and pleasing slideshow. The execution is great, but what's really impressive about the app is the options and customization. Right off the bat you're give the chance to import your own local or cloud photos, and there's an extensive, category-driven selection of pre-picked streams from the web.

photo-browser-tablet-screenshot1 photo-gallery-tablet-screenshot1 photo-gallery-tablet-screenshot2

Once you've added your own photos or categories, you can select an individual feed from the right-hand slide-out menu and start from any photo you like. While displaying photos Dayframe can navigate back and forth in the stream, share socially, and even launch apps via touch zones on the screen itself, turning the app into a combination of screen saver launcher. Users can choose which elements to display or hide, including the notification bar, which can be set to pop up only for new alerts. Screensaver settings let you set conditions on when the slideshow starts, including time of day, charging status and source, and WiFi connection.

2013-11-06 13.48.48 2013-11-06 13.49.25 2013-11-06 13.50.04

At the moment Dayframe is in beta, but it's using the popular Google+ method to verify testers. Just head to this Google+ community, become a member, and follow the link to the Google Play test, and you're in. The app will come out of beta next Tuesday, November 12th, when it will be a free download.

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The developer is planning a few features for the pro ("Prime") version, including more advanced timers, weather display, cross-device syncing, and more playlist options. A price for the Prime version has not been set yet.

Dayframe (Photos & Slideshow)
Dayframe (Photos & Slideshow)
Developer: cloud.tv
Price: Free+