When you need to get access to a remote computer quickly, TeamViewer is a popular solution. The app has long had a solid feature set, but the newly released update has a lot more goodies. And of course, it's still free for personal use.

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Here's the changelog from the new version of the app:

  • Support for external keyboard and mouse
  • Video transmission in real-time
  • Two factor authentication
  • Process customer cases in the service queue

The external input support is really going to make this a viable option for getting things done on a remote system. There is only so much you can do with a touch interface, after all. Two factor authentication may also make TeamViewer a viable option for the security-conscious.

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The Android update is going to be followed up with a desktop program update tomorrow that includes the above features along with file sharing (seems to be different than the app method) and a universal clipboard. You can grab the new Android app right now, though.

TeamViewer Remote Control
TeamViewer Remote Control
Developer: TeamViewer
Price: Free