A few weeks ago we found some Newsstand-related goodies in the Play Store APK, hinting at the possibility that the upcoming news service is poised to absorb Google's Play Magazines.

In the teardown, we found a wide range of assets with a purple-and-white Newsstand icon, making use of a brand color similar to the purple that currently belongs to Play Magazines. This lead us to believe that Google had abandoned the yellow hue we previously suspected in pursuing a strategy that would lead to Magazines' being gobbled up by the new service.


In a new KitKat Quick Start book in the Play Store, we've caught another glimpse of Google's Newsstand. This time, though, it's got a different icon. The icon is more sophisticated than the version we saw in the Play Store teardown, with a reversed color scheme that makes the purple color that used to belong to Magazines a little more blue and a lot more prominent.


The icon is found on page 39 of the free Quick Start book (linked below), in a section describing how to use the Play Store to manage and download content.

We still can't be sure when Newsstand will finally, officially be unveiled, but it would seem that the plan to replace Magazines is still under way.

Source: Android Quick Start Guide

via Cassidy James