Anyone looking for a solid Android gaming controller need look no further than the MOGA series. The original controller launched a year ago, and while there were and remain some drawbacks to the bundled software, the hardware itself is top notch. The latest generation hopes to address a fundamental drawback to gaming on a smartphone, the inescapable battery draining forces at work whenever you fire up a graphically intensive game and attempt to play it using a Bluetooth controller. Both the MOGA Hero Power and the Pro Power controllers let you recharge your handset as you game, and they're now available for anyone raring to give them a go.


Both controllers come with a micro USB port from which a cable extends to your device. It's not an elegant solution, and depending on how long the cable is, it could even hinder gameplay. But if your gaming addiction regularly inhibits your handset's usefulness as an actual phone, this might just be the remedy to your problem. Just be cautious. Both gaming and charging cause phones to heat up more than usual, and combining the two may not make for a good long-term habit.


The MOGA Hero Power, which debuted early last week on Amazon, retails for $59.99, and it's matured since the release of the original controller. It now has actual thumbsticks, a thicker d-pad, and a more solid feel overall. The MOGA Pro Power controller, which has also been redesigned but remains largely the same as the pre-existing MOGA Pro controller, costs $79.99.

While both may be on the expensive side as far as Bluetooth gamepads are concerned, they're priced competitively with console controllers, and they have the build quality to match. With one of these in hand, a mobile game's graphics aren't the only aspect that may lead you to forget this isn't a console experience.

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