Looking for the new Android 4.4 wallpapers? We've got 'em, ready for your downloading pleasure. There are 8 wallpapers in total, 6 of which have a native resolution of 3966x3966, so you can put them on pretty much anything! The two nature wallpapers are at a slightly smaller 3966x2644, since they're actual photos. Here they are.

Update: The colorful wallpaper everyone was after - the one with the number 5 - was hiding in a different place, but we found it after all.


wallpaper_15 wallpaper_16 wallpaper_17

wallpaper_19 wallpaper_20 wallpaper_22

wallpaper_50 wallpaper_51

Check out the mirrors below to download the full 13MB ZIP file.

Android 4.4 Wallpapers (9 images, 1 ZIP file)