There's a lot to like about Motorola's Verizon-specific DROID line. They don't have the most groundbreaking specs, but they're covered in Kevlar and they feature Motorola's excellent radios and battery life. If you're looking to get your Active Notifications on for not much cash. Amazon has some massive discounts on the three new models. New Verizon customers can pick up the long-lived DROID MAXX for $69.99, and svelte DROID Ultra or the compact DROID Mini for just a penny.


If you're a returning Verizon customer, Amazon isn't keeping you out in the cold. Those who are eligible for an upgrade can get a MAXX for $99.99 or the Ultra for $19.99. The Mini? It's still $.01, so it's a good day to be a fan of compact Verizon phones, I suppose. As usual, unsubsidized prices are not discounted at all (in fact they're more expensive than Verizon's current prices).

For my money, the DROID Mini is the best current phone in Verizon's lineup if you want something smaller with reasonably high specs, especially when it comes to RAM. And of course he MAXX is great if you rely on a phone that lasts more than a day without a charge. And the Ultra... well, it's bigger than the Mini and slimmer than the MAXX, and it attracts fingerprints like nobody's business. If you'd like to weigh the pros and cons, check out our DROID Ultra review and combined DROID MAXX and Mini review. Keep in mind, all three phones are slated to get an Android 4.4 upgrade at some point. 

Amazon often has limited promotions, so there's no telling how long these prices will last. But if you really want to take advantage of them, you might want to get an order in by this weekend. All three phones qualify for Amazon Prime shipping.