A while back, an experimental feature debuted in a Chrome for Android Beta release that seemed pretty innocuous - instead of tapping the overflow menu button to cause the dropdown to appear, you could now press, drag, and release to select an option in the list. From a touch device perspective, it's understandable why such an implementation would be desirable for some users, as it reduces the amount of tapping required for some tasks. Some people also may kind of prefer it just because.

With Android 4.4, it seems Google has implemented the drag-and-release gesture on most standard menu overflow buttons (this was predicted in a Reddit thread about six days ago, too). That means the large majority of apps using a normal overflow button will now have the drag-and-release behavior enabled (oddly, we found Google+ didn't support it). Neat! Check out our video demo of it on file management app Total Commander, below.

Thanks, Sam!