If you can't get enough information about Android 4.4 KitKat but you're tired of reading and want something easier - say, a video - you're in luck. Today, new episodes of DevBytes and Android Design In Action were released specifically to give developers and designers alike a brief, informative, easy-to-digest look at what's new.

Today's Android Design In Action covers a lot. Everything from the Nexus 5's display (640x360dp) to the Design Guide's new branding section is covered, along with plenty of other topics.

The half-hour video dives deep into the changes that KitKat offers to developers, and there are plenty of them. Things like translucent system bars, inset map controls, "double touch drag" gestures, and various full-screen layouts will enable designers and developers to provide a much richer, more dynamic experience for users. Check out the video below, or take a peek at Roman Nurik's overview and slides on Google+.

The DevBytes episode, meanwhile, sits at a much shorter 12 minutes, covering more developer-specific topics like KitKat's ability to run on "entry-level" devices with as little as 512MB RAM, NFC host card emulation, the shiny new printing framework, new sensors, and plenty more.

Whether you're a developer, a designer, or just an eager end-user, today has been a very exciting day, and both of the above videos are worth checking out.