After the Nexus 5's unannounced unveil this morning, you're probably wondering about your soon-to-be new phone's official case options. Well, here they are - Google's announced two different case types for the Nexus 5, in the form of bumper cases and the new quick cover case. Bumper cases, pictured below and in the thumbnail of this post, come in four colors - red, black, gray, and highlighter yellow. They protect all sides of the phone, with cutouts only for the camera button and flash. The only bumper case available at the moment is the gray version, though it now shows up as 'out of inventory.' They all cost $34.99, and the rest of the colors are 'coming soon.'

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Perhaps more interesting to some people is the new Quick Cover case, however. Presumably utilizing magnets, the Quick Cover automatically unlocks your phone when opened, and has a cutout for the front-facing camera earpiece speaker. Unfortunately, Google and LG did not decide to give the Quick Cover a window on the front flap for the rear camera, meaning the camera is blocked unless you hold the case ajar. The Quick Cover is composed of what looks to be a thin, cloth covered flap and a harder, matte plastic backing. It will cost $50 and is, too, 'coming soon.'

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Nexus 5 Bumper Cases, Nexus 5 Quick Cover