Amazon subsidiary has taken the wraps off another one of its big tablet sales. This promotion isn't like their normal "one deal a day" operations - the prices will be good until November 1st at 9AM Central, though the individual listings are still limited by stock. The good deals are on refurbished Samsung and Asus hardware, though some of the dirt-cheap tablets you might see in the discount aisle are also there.


Before you ask, yes, there's a Nexus available. Samsung's Nexus 10 32GB is available for $329.99 refurbished, a solid $170 off the retail price. Other highlights include the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) refurbished for $299.99 (technically $200 off, though you can get new ones for a lot cheaper than retail), the generally well-received Galaxy Note 8.0 for $289.99 refurbished with a bonus book cover in white and brown ($110 off, book cover is a $50 value), and the Transformer Pad TF300 refurbished with a keyboard for $279.99 ($270 off the combined retail price).

Here are direct links to some of the other notable sales. Jump on them quickly if you want 'em - with the holidays coming up, the cheaper ones are bound to go quickly. Shipping to the US on all orders is $5.