Update: It looks like we might not be able to plug our phones into our controllers just yet. The Amazon link has already changed to say that the MOGA Hero Power is temporarily out of stock. Keep an eye out, as it will probably reappear before or around the launch of the MOGA Pro Power.

Android games are consistently getting better, but there's a drawback. As new titles task players with taking control of more detailed character models, paint surfaces with higher resolution textures, and follow up attacks with an increasing number of particles, phones with passable battery life soon find that they can hardly make it through morning. Gamers who pair up their handset to a Bluetooth controller have done so knowing that while they were improving their control, they were sacrificing even more juice. The upcoming MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power controllers, with micro USB ports capable of charging most Android phones, offer a long awaited solution. The former is now on sale from Amazon for $59.99, tossing its previous November 14th release date to the wind.


The MOGA Hero Power is similar to the original MOGA controller, but it comes with several improvements. In addition to its 1800mAh internal battery, it's slightly larger, has actual thumbsticks, and comes with a solid D-pad. The layout now better resembles that of a modern console controller. It's not as large as the MOGA Pro or the upcoming MOGA Pro Power, but the MOGA Hero Power is still more capable than most Bluetooth controllers out there, and it's the first that will feed more juice to your handset than it drains.

The MOGA Pro Power is still available as a pre-order. Not to be forgotten, its release date has been pushed forward to November 4th.


It's worth pointing out that the pictures for both of these devices are somewhat misleading. If you want to recharge your phone while playing, there will be an awkward cable extending from the handset to the controller. In addition to looking tacky, it may also interfere with gameplay. Just keep this in mind as you rush over to Amazon.

MOGA Hero Power on Amazon