Reputed leaker of phones @evleaks is talking about the Nexus 5 again today, and this time we're hearing that the device will be available on the Sprint network. An image of the Nexus 5 was included in the Twitter posting, but it doesn't appear to be any different than the other renders of the Nexus 5. So how's this going to work?

Sprint support has been on the table since the radio listings leaked, so this isn't a complete surprise. However, it isn't clear if there will be a Sprint variant of the device, or if one SKU will have all the GSM, CDMA, and LTE radios needed. Either way, this is great news for Sprint customers who didn't get a Nexus last generation. All they had was the old Galaxy Nexus, which arrived 6 months late anyway.

There's still nothing solid on a release date, but @evleaks previously claimed November 1st was the big day. I guess we'll know soon.