Last week we reported that a truck transporting 22,500 LG G2 smartphones headed for Sprint was stolen at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana. WDRB reports that at least one man who committed this daring high-stakes robbery has been caught in Louisville, Kentucky along with the 18-wheeler he stole. How was this fiendishly clever criminal apprehended?


He drove the truck into a telephone pole.

No, seriously. Mr. Juan Perez-Gonzalez was arrested by the Kentucky State Police near the scene of the accident, where the truck apparently containing most or all of the LG phones was still sitting. The estimated retail value of the G2 smartphones is approximately $12 million USD. The State Police had been alerted to the theft by the FBI last Friday, according to Sergeant Rick Saint-Blancard.


Investigators say that it's possible Perez-Gonzalez was not working alone, but no accomplices have been found at present. He's been charged with theft, receiving stolen property, and leaving the scene of an accident. The misappropriated cargo will probably be returned to its rightful owners, though it may take some time since the truck and the phones will certainly be considered evidence.

So, no toy fort made out of smartphones. No distributed Snapdragon-powered Bitcoin mining rig. Just a stupid, impulsive criminal brought down by even more stupid driving. I'm sure he'll be featured on a syndicated Fox special within a year.

Source: WDRB Louisville