So you've lost your Motorola phone - whether it's the Moto X or the latest DROID handset - and you need to find it in a hurry. You could fire up the Android Device Manager on a computer and get a precise, GPS-pinpointed picture of where your phone is on a map, but if you already know the phone is still at home, this is overkill. Instead, you could now just shout Ok, Google Now, find my phone! and your device will activate an alarm to help you out.


Now, you may be thinking: "Couldn't I just use Android Device Manager to sound off an alarm as well?" And you would be correct. For all intents and purposes, using a web browser to sound off the alarm is going to provide a more reliable experience. Touchless Control isn't always great at catching voice commands from far away, and this issue would only be compounded if you don't know where in the house a phone is or if there's background noise that you can't eliminate. If you don't already know which room it's in, are you willing to go around shouting the command repeatedly in hopes of getting lucky?

What's new:

  • New "Find my phone" command that triggers an alarm to make your phone easy to find
  • Improved accessibility access for the visually impaired
  • Bug fixes

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if this feature is perfectly reliable out of the gate. It doesn't cost anything to use, and it ultimately amounts to another voice command that you may or may not even know exists. For people who have not taken the time to set up Android Device Manager or a similar offering, this is a convenient backup to have.

Moto Voice BETA
Moto Voice BETA
Price: Free