Sometimes you just need to get a new phone, and you want it right now. But you don't want to leave the comfort of your house. There really aren't many good options to fix this age-old quandary, but Verizon is looking to provide a solution in a handful of cities.

A couple of weeks ago, Big Red decided to use Philadelphia as a testing ground for same-day delivery. Today, it's adding New York City, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco to that list. Here's how it works.

If you live in one of the above-listed cities and need to replace your phone/get a new one, simply place your order before 10:00 AM local time and select same-day service (Monday thru Friday only). It'll set you back a twenty spot, but you'll get the device that day, all without having to leave the house and/or office. It's guaranteed to be in your hands before 7:00 PM local.

But what about those occasions when you can't order before 10:00 AM or throughout the week, you ask? Well, you can still opt to have it delivered into your hands by the next day. Or you could just, you know, hop in the car and go to the store and buy it outright. It may be a little hassle, but at least you'll get a shiny new gadget for all your trouble.

Either way, Verizon wants to bring stuff to you now. Maybe you can convince them to pick up a pizza on the way over. Pizza and a gadget.

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