Android is now the undisputed champion of mobile marketshare, but certain companies are still releasing exclusive iOS apps, like the JARVIS-themed Iron Man 3 companion. It's a bummer, but iOS users can't make sweet custom boot animations like the one that Redditor hypd09 posted to /r/Android yesterday. It won't turn your phone into a suit of weaponized armor, but it will look pretty sweet with your elaborate Halloween costume.

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The boot animation is shamelessly ripped from the iOS app's YouTube trailer. There's also a SHIELD-themed boot animation on the Reddit page, if you're a fan of Agent Coulson and/or mediocre ABC television shows. Sadly Paul Bettany's dulcet artificial intelligence tones are not embedded, but if your phone supports embedded audio in the boot animation, you can use the separate MP3 file. Of course you'll need to be rooted to get any of this to work with your phone - here's a handy guide for Nexus devices, CyanogenMod, and other AOSP ROMs. It includes instructions for adjusting the resolution and embedding audio.

There's no indication that Marvel will bring the JARVIS app to Android, and since Iron Man 3 has been available on home video for more than a month, they may never do so. At least we've got user-made goodies like this to tide us over.

JARVIS boot animation (ZIP file) via Reddit Android