After releasing Grand Theft Auto: The Manual for Android a couple of weeks ago, Rockstar has finally gotten around to the much-awaited iFruit. If you're not familiar, iFruit is a companion app to the massively-popular Grand Theft Auto V, and comes with two basic features: the Los Santos Customs shop, which allows you to customize your character's vehicles directly from your phone, and Chop The Dog, a pet care mini-game which apparently makes the dog do stuff... better in the game, like giving him the ability to sniff out hidden items. OK.

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You can also check out the latest GTA V news, sign into Rock Star Social Club, and use LifeInvader (whatever that is). You can get it on the Play Store now, just check out the link below.

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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit
Grand Theft Auto: iFruit
Developer: Rockstar Games
Price: Free