Earlier today, the Nexus and KitKat crowds almost had collective heart attacks when they saw that kitkat.com/android was now password-protected and likely hiding something behind the locked gates. Possibly even all the complete KitKat details we've been dying to see (or whatever is left of them anyway). Could it be? Did the site go down for the big update, and the launch is imminent? Not so fast.


While the page does indeed pop up a login dialog, the revelation doesn't really mean anything just yet. You see, the sites that we've actually been visiting all this time are android.com/kitkat and kitkat.com, not kitkat.com/android. Totally different pages. In fact, I'm fairly sure kitkat.com/android has never been up before, so today's discovery doesn't really mean anything, outside of letting us know where to look once Google is ready and what to F5 in the meantime. For all we know, it's been password-protected through all of its short, yet exciting, life.

Oh, and the Italian error message? Not really a mystery - KitKat.com is hosted in Italy after all.

Back to the waiting room we go. My money's always been and still is on the end of this week.

Thanks, @WinDroidGuy!