There aren't exactly many Google Glass explorers out there, since Google has not put the $1,500 product on sale anywhere, but your chances of spotting a wearer in the wild is about to shoot up. The Glass team announced on Google+ today that over the next few weeks, all explorers will get to invite up to three friends to join the Glass Explorers program. They will still have to buy the glasses, mind you, but this means the device will soon be more accessible than it has ever been.


In addition to this, current explorers will have the one-time option to swap out their existing Glass for a new unit. These models should be more accessible to people who already wear glasses, as they will support prescription frames along with future lines of shades. They will also come with a mono earbud - which, though possibly better than the current speaker, probably still won't provide all that enjoyable of a listening experience. Once things are set up, owners will have up to sixty days to register for an exchange, but the team has yet to share when they intend to get the ball rolling.

More details are coming later, but for now, here's a video made with content filmed by explorers all over the US.

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