When a tech company holds a conference for developers, you can pretty much bet the speakers will have something new to share with the attendees. At the very first Samsung Developer Conference, this pattern continues as 5 new and updated SDKs have been announced for the company's various platforms. This batch of SDKs are centered on Android, Smart TVs, and enterprise development.

  • Samsung Smart TV SDK
  • Samsung Multiscreen SDK
  • Samsung Multiscreen Gaming SDK
  • Samsung KNOX SDK
  • Samsung Mobile SDK


The Mobile SDK is technically new, but it's really meant to bring together various TouchWiz SDKs that had previously been distributed separately. The package now includes: Chord, Gesture, Image Filter, Look, Media Control, Motion, MultiWindow, Pen, Professional Audio, and Visual View.

There is a new Smart TV SDK and two new cross-platform MultiScreen SDKs, one dedicated to regular apps for entertainment and another built in collaboration with Unity to deliver a high quality gaming experience. Details are still a bit sparse, but the session descriptions mention APIs for Android, iOS, and Javascript to interact with Samsung SmartTVs. There are also references to an upcoming product release in February, no doubt for SmartTVs running WebEngine 2014.

Samsung is, unsurprisingly, making a strong push for developers to leverage its newly minted KNOX security layer within the business landscape. The KNOX SDK introduces support for the BYOD (bring your own device) movement and gives developers access to some of the enhanced security features.

Samsung is labeling all of the new SDKs as beta at this time. If you're interested in the Mobile SDK, it is available here. The other SDKs haven't been posted to the developer portal yet, but they will probably turn up in the next few days.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow