BBM for Android is officially out. We reviewed it. And while it looks like there's a little bit of fishy business going on with ratings and reviews of the app in the Play Store, the number of downloads obviously isn't all fake - there's substantial interest in this app. But from who? BBM as a platform has been the exclusive privilege of BlackBerry owners since its public introduction in 2006, and it has never featured interoperability with any other IM service. Until last week, the audience for BBM was shrinking on a daily basis, as BlackBerry continues its rather lamentable death spiral into irrelevance with every quarterly earnings call.

So, are you using BBM? For what? With who? We're curious. Vote in the poll below, and expand on your answer in the comments.

BBM - No longer available
BBM - No longer available
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BBM: are you using it?

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